The three pillars of a creative community. It has a nice ring to it. It has also been driving Purate from the beginning.

Expression of Creators

Art is all about expressing yourself, relaying your thoughts, passion, and emotions to your audience. When you create your art you do not want to be limited by your canvas. When you exhibit your art, you want to bring it to life and awe your audience. These challenges have been solved in the world of physical art for millennia. But that was then and this is now; the second Renaissance requires new solutions to old challenges.

Purate will provide creators with the platform to showcase their art in 3D galleries, giving them the freedom to control the scene to best compliment their work. We want to allow you - the creator - to create amazing spectacles yet to be seen in the digital art space without daunting technological barriers.

Likewise, we want collectors to be able to explore these galleries, finding the perfect piece to compliment their own collection (and their own galleries!). Collectors will have the same tools available as creators, curating their carefully selected pieces to exhibit or re-sell.


Authenticity for Collectors

We want you - the collectors - to feel valued as a member of the Purate community. One of our biggest focuses is how we ensure the authenticity of art on our platform, collectors must not be left “holding the bag” as has been seen on other platforms. The recent story of Chubbies is a perfect example of this and exactly what we aim to prevent. Collectors spent $3.2 million on cute pixelated creatures bouncing in 32x32 pixel sized squares, only to find they were originally created years before by talented pixel artist @pxlhns, destroying their authenticity and value in one fell swoop. We wish @pxlhns the best of luck as a creator, and hope their new CartLads collection rewards their originality and authenticity in droves.

"Collectors have spent, at the time, the equivalent of $3.2 million on cute little pixelated creatures bouncing in their 32x32 squares. Unfortunately, unaware collectors were duped into buying copies of 2016 work by talented pixel artist @pxlhns."
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Chubbies Left: pxlhan’s art(2016), Right: Chubbie’s plagiarized art(2021) - Source: medium, by Charles Marino.

At Purate, it is our priority that collectors have a joyful and secure experience, addressing potential issues before facilitating a transaction. Simultaneously, we want to address this issue in a frictionless manner for creators without infringing on the openness of the crypto universe.

Along with traditional methods such as verification we are also actively exploring technical solutions to this problem. One example would be services that scan uploaded art and ascertain similarities to others across the internet. Quite simply, our goal is to maximise the authenticity of art on our platform.

Refinement by Curators

Just as importantly the whole art community would not be complete without you - the curators – our third pillar. Purate wants eagle-eyed beauty hunters to curate and discover the future Monet, and Renoir. Curation has always been part of traditional arts and something we are quite fond of. We believe we absolutely must add means to allow those passionate about art to curate and influence the crypto art space. You, the curators, will bring subjugation to this wild and untamed momentum.

The crypto art momentum is a vast and quick moving space. Just like in the real world it can be tricky for collectors to discover their next favourite art piece, but we believe it should not be. We are working on creating tools and spaces where curators of all skill level and experience can take the lead. As a curator you will be able to help connect artists with the right collectors who will love their art. You will of course be rewarded for your artistic taste which leads to strengthening and shaping the future crypto momentum.

Perpetuity of Royalties

It is important that creators are rewarded for their work, and this is something greatly expanded on through the Ethereum Blockchain. The exchange of Ethereum – the digital currency - on every sale is naturally that reward.

Creators receive a portion of the initial sale of their art but most current marketplaces have a system which enables a secondary sales fee. Think of it as selling an item to someone, then getting a further fee if the buyer decides to sell it on again. As artists work hard on promoting their work and their image, with time, their original works will be valued significantly higher than what they were initially sold at. Future royalties are a great way to enable creators to continue to see benefits from their work for years to come.

However, there still is a small catch. These arts pieces, known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), can be sold through different marketplaces if they meet the marketplace standard. And that's great, this openness and decentralisation is the core of the blockchain movement. However, the perpetuity of royalties does not hold through swapping to different marketplaces, hence meaning the creators will inevitably lose out on these fees.

One way to tackle this is integrating the royalties into the contract itself. The contract sets out the rules for how the token is initially sold, and how it may be sold in the future – without the need to spend $ on lawyers. Some clever folks have been working on EIP-2981 (Ethereum Improvement Proposals) for the ECR-721 standard. This will allow marketplaces to pass deserved royalties to creators wallets, as long as the contract was written to support this extension. This idea is gaining a lot of support from core players in this space and naturally Purate will be implement these into our contracts and platform itself.